" Thank you Tracy, you are awesome " Mr. Rob.H (USA)


"Thank you for all support ! I hope to see you again ! " Mr. Kenichi.S (Japan)


" For me it is always nice to know different people from different countries ! Catch me if you ever drop by Singapore, I can show you around" . J.J (Singapore)


"Bye ! Many thanks for the guidance this week, Tracy " Mr. Dan. D (USA)


"Nice work ! Everything did very well" Mr. Tony.W (China)


"Good job, please keep going! " Jeakeum. Y (Korea)


"Nicely pick for the location " Nanang.A (Indonesia)



Will you consider PBDE for your next trip ? 18 out of 18 delegates chose YES

Will you recommend PBDE to your friends & families ? 18 out of 18 delegates chose YES 

*based on actual Guest Feedback Form distributed on-site*

PB0166: GWSB- Global & Experimental Education


"June- Thank you so much for all of your help. The trip went smoothly. I have recommended to use Phu Bao again and again. I might sent you an unrelated cilents. They are looking for an exceptional high end service to organize a trip to VN" 

Professor Nam Pham, George Washington University


"June - Thank you very much for your kind note! We also very much appreciated Phu Bao's services and you all did a wonderful job! I will fill out the survey and let you know once it is complete. I hope you have a wonderful week! "

 Patty. G, Progam Manager, Elective Experiential Education Programs. 



Hi June

Overall it was a very Good Vacation for us , Phu Bảo: you and Ms. Hai have provided excellence services and we enjoyed the the trip very much.

Sam Santos Santiago


Hi Tina! We are satisfied with your service. Tommy and Vincent are very accommodating - will go out of their way just to please us. Tommy is good and knowledgeable in touring us and humorous too. We are very entertained. Thank you Tina for arranging our trip!


PB0003MT - Madam Cindy Vietnam Trip

Dear Mike & Team,

This has been such an amazing experience. Thank you for the exceptional arrangements & service. We are sad to leave and we will definitely plan to return and enjoy the rest of your country. We will visit Thailand next year & we will get your recommendation for that next year!

Thank you for selecting hotels that are in the middle of the action. It was very easy to navigate whether in Sai Gon or Hanoi! The street food were amazing! We are not like other tourists and we can definitely say we ate our way through the streets of Vietnam! Eating like locals was an unforgettable experience for us. We can't have enough Pancakes, Pho - chicken or beef, Banh Mi, Bun Cha, & the fish with Tumeric @ Cha Ca La Vong. And all the sticky rice sweets and of course the Vietnamese coffee as well as Hanoi Egg Coffee. My husband loved it even though he doesn't drink coffee. And we can't forget the Beer!

Our tour guides, Mike & Ms. Hay were both great! May we also say Ms. Hay in Hanoi was exceptional. She was jubilant, happy & highly informative giving us the history & insights of Hanoi! We enjoyed spending the day with her! And definitely highly recommend her. She pointed us where to enjoy various local dishes.

Halong Bay cruise was indescribable. Words & photos cannot express how beautiful it is. Truly mesmerizing. Our cruise concierge was also fantastic. He made us feel comfortable and took care of us.

We will definitely recommend you to our friends. And looking forward to our next trip to Vietnam! 




Thank you Tina and Phu Bao group has organized and great trip for our family winter getaway, we're very happy with your professional work, we're definitely will need your help on our next journey and we will highly recommend your group to our love one, once again thank you so much, all best wishes for a great new year...sincerely


Susan Davies 

Everything went smoothly from the pick-up at the airport to the hotels and tours. Very well done!


Nilda Gaffud Stone

Hotel Hilton was very good/ New Otani Hotel in Tokyo was okay.

Everything were excellent except New Otani Hotel do not have help to bring our luggage to hotel lobby. I believe the Hotel should have anticipated that service is very important because everybody went shopping. Everybody needed assistance with the luggages. The hotel Hilton Hotel in Osaka with excellent service. The New Otani Hotel in Tokyo failed to fix the room toilet where we stayed. The toilet seat did not function on the 3rd day even when we notified the housekeeping staff. They tried to fix but did not fix the problem.


Carmelita Asuncion Bush-Turner 

I was dissatisfied with Hilton, Tokyo, because they give us a king bed, instead of two single beds. I requested a roll over bed at the check in counter, but the Hilton people were un able to give me one or change room with a two single bed. My grandaughter sleeps in the floor because, she can not sleep with somebody beside her.

We like Osaka Imperial Hotel better, and their daily amenities.Keep up the good work!


Laurent Lheritier

Transportation and guides were fantastic - really great. One or two meals were only ok. It was unfortunate that no changes could be made to optional tours on site. Lodging and entertainment - incredible!

Thank you to all the staff. Your hard work made it feel like an exclusive package experience - it was impossible to tell that you were doing the same for ~5000 other people at the same time!


Lee, Susana

Very impressed with the coordination on the logistics of transportation to Tokyo on the bullet train.


 Maria Elena Robledo 

I was satisfied with your service. Me and my son liked a lot the tour guide from Osaka, her name is Noriko.


Daisy Wiraatmaja 

To many free days. Less tour days. One day free tour is enough. 

Very Impressed with the transportation organization especially with the luggages from Osaka to Tokyo. Mt Fuji tour wasn't included in the package which it's the most famous or known in Japan and the world. Food was very horoble at Kita-Ku , Kyoto.



 Latchman Alex 

Punctuality...loved how every thing was done with precision timing. loved the check seamless it was.... 


Felipe Paclibar Boyles 

The tour in Japan has exceeded our expectations in the areas of registration to the hotels, meals and bus rides... placing specific number per CEO/EVC group made it easier to organize.

Our side trip to Korea was absolutely wonderful! Michelle, our our guide made it really special. From day 1, she already went out of her way to make us feel at home and special. Please give her kudos for us.

We will travel with you to Korea and Japan again. Thank you for your services.


Dang Huu Nguyen

I was dissatisfied with service during dinner. The staff just brought out food but didn't services the food. Organization. Attentive of the Staff.


 Pilarita Villalva Sabino 

So smooth because you have a lot of personnel and they were all so polite. So cool that they can all communicate with us in English. 


Kimmy Nguyen

I just wanted to send a short note to let you all know that you ALL did an excellent job with the organization, execution of the WSB Korea and Japan trip.  I and my team members had a great time and truly appreciate all of your hard work.  Thank you so much for making this super trip a super experience !!!!







Hi Mike ! Sorry I have not been able to response to your email because of my busy time after the trip I just want to let you know the trip you arrange was nice and I love both of your guys ( you and Thao ) so sweet and so much care.I definitely will see you again soon brother.



BP69 REUNION TOURS (Mar 10 - 19, 2016)

It was our great pleasure to organize the Tour Reunion PB69 to Da Nang, Hoi An Ancient Town, Ha Noi & Ha Long Bay.

We hope this trip brought unforgettable moment with old friends and recalled the best memories they’ve ever had.









Tomas Ramos 

I was overwhelmed with the amount of staff that was brought in to guide us on our travels and how helpful the staff from morning until evening.Tour guides were awesome!

Bus 7 rocks! Hiro san did a wonderful job!


Norma A. Borromeo 

Everything were pretty much organized from the time we were picked up from the airport to the time we were dropped off.

The lunch where we had the Shabu Shabu was not only an extraordinary experience but a very tasty one. 

My trip to Japan was such an exciting experience and with the help of Phu Bao Tours, the trip turned out to be pleasant, comfortable, hassle free trip. Everything was well coordinated. Thank you for your excellent service, Phu Bao Tours!


 Enrique Blanco Plariza 

The timing ad patience to move a group of people. Let alone 4000 more. 

Recommend it not only to all my Vietnamese friends but to everyone :)


Osman Kargbo 

The great care you all took for everyone. Including accommodating me for my transportation although I made changes to my flight 2 days prior to me departing for group B.

A special limousine service to the airport although I made super late changes to our flight information for a party of 4. The communicated with me on a handwritten note to tell me how our transportation was arranged. 

You all a tireless bunch. I was finally in happy tears on the final bow we receive from The Hilton Hotel staff and Phu Bao Tours representative when the specially arrange limousine to the airport was leaving. I hope and pray that Xuan use your tour company when we return back to Asia in 2018. I was so impressed with your company that many times I wanted to volunteer to help your crew while we were in Japan. I was late in my final payment, late in sending my flight information. With all that I was given full service that I didn't deserve for all my lateness in responding to your communication with me. Please send me the phone number to personally call to thank June Nguyen for putting up with me and my party of 4. 


Jian Zhang 

Transfer from a few thousand people from Osaka to Tokyo by train very smonth and orgernized, great job!

Thank you very much for everything, my family very enjoy the trip and everyone give very good comments about the food and service. Congratulation for excellent work! We would like recommend your company to all my friends. Thanks again! 


Rafat Ahmed 

All arrangements were awesome. My wife and I were totally satisfied.

All we would like to say that your services were very good and impressive. Very courteous and helpful staff.


Juan Yu 

very organized, professional staff, nice hotels, quality food, great sightseeing sites. Totally impressed.

very professional and attentative staff. I'm especially thankful to the Japanese representative, the gentleman working for JTS (Japanese National Tourism Bearu). He went above and beyond to help me find info I need and make the call to help me make reservations.



 Gurpreet Chauhan 

Everything was excellent only thing was the buses drop off and pick up was a far away that's something maybe we should improve Also registration for Hotel in Tokyo was too much walk Overall we enjoyed the arrangements. Thank you so much for doing fabulous Job.


Hariprasad Bhatt

Overall all management ,all arrangements and all staff courtseyous behaviour is much appreciable. we wre only two persond (husband and wife) who little different as far as food was concerned.We could not eat any food during welcome and farewel dinner as even vegan was containing onion and garlic.Otherwise breakfast was good and the staaf in hotel was cooperative to get what we wanted.At places like Oaska Palace it was a long walk after bus drop off.It was seen that smaller vehicles were allowed till the gate.Few of us were having hard time to walk upto the place from the bus drop off area.If this can be looked into in future trips.

There was not a single area left for complaint.All arrangements were meeting expectations and more.

I know food is not an important criteria while on tour but when there is professionalism even little extra care to make arrangements will add to the better experience. If nothing can be arranged fruit plate meals possible like we get in flights.


Shane E Welsh 

I was satisfied with the professionalism and friendliness shown to everyone.

Overall it was my first WSB super trip and this just made it that much better. Really enjoyed the VIP service.


Inge Djumhana 

I have nothing dissatisfied with.

The service, arrangement, all the people who get involved know about the information. They are all at the same page.

Phu Bao Tours have organized the event very professionally. I used to work in Convention many many years ago, handling thousands of people is not easy, particularly when you have to organize outbound tourists. However, Phu Bao Tours has done an extraordinary job to handle such big event. Good job, Phu Bao Tours! Everybody who joined this trip with you have had an amazing experience. Thank you for your hard work and professional job.


Nancy Tai Yu Wu 

very well organized as expected compare to the past Super trips with PhuBao....we understand this is a much bigger group and there are some minor issues that your team was able to help us resolve after all...for example, my team had many vegetarians and we didn't realize the meals would be served individually this time instead of Buffet style like before.....I will make sure my team confirm ahead of time before the next trip again! PhuBao team was able to help us in Tokyo even though we had a big confusion in Osaka this time. We do appreciate that your team is trying their best to resolve the issue for us !!!

Very friendly, curteous, organized and accomadating :-)

We are lucky to also be able to make last minute changes on the names and accomadations which really helped a lot due to many teammates couldn't come last.


 Huong Cao 

We are extremely satisfy with the service, Phu Bao done an excellent job!!!

We overslept and missed the scheduled time for transportation to the welcome dinner but Phu Bao team was able to get us on one last bus to dinner, we felt very grateful for such service.

Please keep up the great work!!!


Huda Abuzeid

The ability to organize and mobilize a large number of people, Phu Bao Tours team did a great job. Non dissatisfication thus far, would have loved a longer time.

Our tour guide (Ume) (spelling) Bus #23 in Osaka was amazing, professional fun and knowledgeable. THe tour guides in Tokyo were equally great, we also had a Ume as a guide in Tokyo. Thank you for coordinating such a massive number of people without a glitch. My children and I had a great time. Pho Bao Tour you did an outstanding job and I truly hope the entire had a well deserved time off to rest. どうもありがとうございます to the Beautiful and gnerous people of Japan, what a well established country. ありがとうございました (Arigatōgozaimashita) Pho Bao Tours team.


Roselyn Tzvetkov 

Overall I had an amazing experience at all times during the tour. Thank you so much to your staff but most of all thank you so much to WSB and to our head couch Xuan Nguyen and the family and all leaders for giving all of us this opportunity. Without this company I would never dream to have this kind of experience but with WSB I can dream big and I can work hard to make it happen especially with our system.


 Shiju Thomas 

Very Good Service. Hospitality and service of the field staff. Special Thanks to Philip.

I have noticed, at least one person who was not registered or paid for the trip was in the whole trip including ride on Bullet Train. Such chances may be avoided in the future. You may be contact me for more information, if you need.


 Erlinda Jandoc 

Memorable. Trip was very orderly. Next time I wish tours are not so hurried. Older members may not be as quick as the younger ones. May be get travelers by their speed to walk . Tourist guide should have higher stick showing the group number so it is more visible and I do not have to keep looking for faces of the group to identify group specially in crowded places. Tour guides should wait till most if the group members are close by so we hear the discussion. Thanks




Amelia M Armendariz 

Completely satisfied with the entire trip. Well organized and such an amazing experience for us all!

The bullet train organization was spectacular. To be able to complete this mission was, by far, the most impressive.

Very pleased and completely satisfied. My party of 5 all felt the same. They are all talking about the next trip and are excited to bring others. Thank you for all your hard work!


Ricardo Jaime Ago 

I am satisfied on how the transportation and the meals were organized. 

I love how the transportation and meals were organized. I would like to request information on how to stay connected while on the trip. For example, the best way to be connected is to buy a local SIM card from company ABC or to just purchase a small hotspot, or to just rent a phone, etc. This helps in staying connected with family back home in the US and with co-travelers.


Alan Rafols Damalerio 

I was satisfied with the accomodations in the 5 star hotels we stayed and the venue with the Farewell Dinner. I was dissatisfied with the transfer from our bus and loading into the Bullet train. There was miscommunication among the tour guides in lining up and what to do. We were late in submitting our itinerary in our arrival and departure and received a email from Phu Bao Tours that we personally would take care of transportation from and to the airport, but Phu Bao Tours still picked us up and brought us to the airport for our departure.

Every small detail was taken cared of by Phu Bao Tours and that small service amounts to EXCELLENT Service. From the name tags for our luggages, to the weather report for the next day tours, to the English speaking Tour Guides, to the good choices of restaurants for our lunch, to the On Time schedules and to the courteous and ever hospitable staff of Phu Bao Tours, it all gave us a memorable and lasting experience of Japan. Thank you Phu Bao Tours for a Job Well Done.


Don Khieu 

It was pleasantly surprised for me to see a Vietnamese business being well run like yours. We have nothing to be dissatified with.

The hotel arrangement, the touring bus scheduling, the availabilities of the hospitality staffs were excellent, definitely surpass our expectation.

Now that we have an excellent experience with PBT, we already talk about future traveling to Asia using PBT. Keep up the great work. We are truly appreciative of your tremendous effort in putting together this Super trip. Thanks again!





Betty Yee 

Our return flight was canceled and while we were not able to take the pre-arranged bus from the hotel to NRT, PhuBao Tours helped us get a taxi to rush us to NRT to catch a flight. This service was extremely helpful to us especially during a stressful situation.

Exceptional organization & service from Phu Bao Tours!


Michelle Rene Hereford 

Very satisfied with organization if our large group! Very well done. Tokyo hotel was small compared to Osaka.

Excellent service! Great job handling WSB! Thank you.

Alicia Averyhart 

The staff members were extremely organized and friendly. When I arrived in Osaka, they were there to meet us and provide superior service to the hotel.

Checking into our room was a very smooth transition. I had no problems and I appreciated the professionalism demonstated through out the entire tour.

Excellent service from everyone of the staff members. Thank you for hospitality that was beyond my expectations. You made my trip most enjoyable by handling all of the little details behind the scene before we arrived. Yes, I would highly recommend you as a travel/tour agency that I would rate 10 out of 5 stars.


Chad Manz 

The help you provided with my lost back pack was amazing. It never would have been returned without your help and I really apprecate it!

Our tour guides were great. 


Flora N Garcia 

Everything is great, everybody is very helpful and courteous, Thanks a lot.


Corazon Cristobal Guerrero 

Well planned, guided and organized tour. Cancellation of flight leaving Japan but that's the airline responsibility.

All the tours, all the accommodation, overall beyond satisfaction and expectations. Extraordinary service!

Rael B Aragon 

It was so organized, smooth and staff were polite!

We would like to come back next spring, do you organize private small tours?




Maria Christina Montilla Quiocson 

All of the above. I had a great experience with my vacation and part of that is your service. From airport tobhotel and tour guide. Soecial thanks to Mikie from Osaka tour guide. His experince and knowledge about history make us all familiar in every places he tour us. With his beautiful attitude and smiling face :)

Everyone are very patient and polite and make us feel important people.

I hope you give bonis mikie our tour guide in osaka. He is one of the best. He is not only a tour guide ,he also a good teacher. We learned so much from him about the history of osaka and he is very friendly and us all comfortable amd excited.we would love to give him a big tip from our group but we are told that we are nor allowed to do it. He makes you agency a good reputation his name is mikie (male tour guide) from osaka. Thank you all for the jod well done! You made our vacation fun,safe and exciting! We appreciate everyones hardwork.thank you all! 


Rita P Patel 

satisfied with arrengment. can better arrenge for indian vegetarian food.

phu bao associate everywhere with all the time.


Wenifrida Estrada 

Very organized and systematic. Tour guides were so accommodating and friendly.

Employees are well trained to handle such a big volume of tourist. 

Your performance was exemplary which made my Japan visit the most memorable vacation I ever had. I have a scheduled family (5 people) vacation to Vietnam this coming Oct 30-Nov 2, and I am interested in getting your tour service.


Jose Iii Vallo Puzon 

We are satisfied with the transition from the airport to hotel and all the land transportation, we feel so special having everything set for us.

We have very courteous and patient tour guide, we have experienced a very memorable tour ever! It's fun and enjoyable, your staff are wonderful and funny too. Unfortunately we couldn't get all their names, I remember Hero and Yoshi among the many staff we see all over...ah truly amazing... my family wanna go on a trip again with you guys... on this trip was me my wife and son, and 2 team mates with us...they are all satisfied.

Everthing is awesome, we have some minor wish about the hotel breakfast and I guess most people would agree about different menu after a day or two would be appreciated. 


Agnes Puzon 

Overall I'm more than satisfied with your service and exceeding met my expectation.

Very well organized, very professional, happy to be of service and making sure we are on track. Thank you very much.

This is my first WSB Supertrip and I'd say you're the best travel tours and I look forward to our next trip to VIETNAM. I will definitely recommend your service to friends and families. Travel agency that cares for the people and that means a whole lot repeat business/customer. I thank you very much for taking pride of your heartfelt welcoming service towards us. More power to your company PHU BAO TOURS. May God bless you abundantly.

Joyce Linda Labossiere

Tour guides where excellent as well as the people directing us.

This was my first WSB trip and it was definitely a life changing event. I was very pleased with everything from organization and flow to food, tours, staff, tour guides and accommodations. No complaints.


 Noreen Pinzon 

How organize from the airport to hotel . Stress free to check in to check out.

The travel from bullet train. How organize to bullet station to bus station. Excellent service !!


Wenceslawa Buenaventura 

A little bit disorganized during check in in Tokyo. 

All of the logistics were very well-organized. Arrival, bag check, luggage delivery, tour pickups, etc. were definitely very smooth. At Hilton Osaka we were first put in a room on the smoking floor but when called the front desk they quickly changed us to nonsmoking. The New Otani Tokyo had beautiful grounds but we felt the rooms were dark, small, not as nice as we would expect. Appreciated plenty of free time to explore on our own in addition to the tour activities. The tour guides were very fun and knowledgeable. Lunches on the tours were all very similar, might be nice to have more variety.


Mardock James Gilbert 

The attention to detail with my Gluten Free meals was greatly appreciated.

The numbered tables at the welcome dinner guaranteed that we would be able to sit with people from our home office. We were able to find a seat without others "saving" multiple tables, thus locking people out and forcing some to have to go from table to table asking if they had seats available (this has happened at dinners in the past). Nice to see that you have figured out a method that allows everyone to find seats with our friends. That method worked...please continue this type of organization. 


Paramjit Singh Walia 

Well organised.but less sight seeing. All the services from Airport to Airport i mean you guys took care of every thing. i really appriciate the behavior of your employees.

Excellent, excellent and so on .God bless you all. Thanks for everything.


Evageline Tabieros 

PhuBao tours customer service is exceptional. Customer service assistance was exceptional !!!!




Jerry Aglipay

I was happy with the tour guides they were really good, dissatisfied with choice of hotel and location far from attractions. The dinner was poor selection of food.

I was satisfied with the tour guides, they were very informative. About the culture and why they do things.


Jonathan Tabieros 

Exceptional Customer service. Prompt customer service within limits. Hope to see you in future trips in Asia. . .


Aris Eskandary 

Well organized, Satisfied. But tour times were rushed. not enough time to enjoy the sightseeing. Giving stress of rushing to guests for no reason. Long trips for each day which was tiring. and food quality was horrible.

Well organized for that many guests. but was wrong to have all of them at the same time. it was stressful for everyone. guests and tour guides.

Overall it was an amazing experience and as I mentioned earlier definitely was well organized for the amount of people that were traveling, but it could've been better and more enjoyable trip that just rushing to places for short amount of time and getting tired by the end of the day. I'm thankful for the amount of work that tour people handled and very professional and organized. and great behavior and professionalism. Well Done! Thank You! 


Heidi Margaret Herrera 

It was all great. We had one mishap - a vegetarian team member was not accomodated during the welcome dinner with vegetarian meals. Other than that, everything was perfect. 

The organization of the trip was well executed.


 Pui Leung 

The only problem I had was my middle name and last name were switched and couldn't figure out my room for a long time since you guys made the mistake. 

The tour guides were excellent and very clean buses. 






Cam On for helping us with the entire trip. You were instrumental in helping us create ever-lasting memories in Asia. You're endless effort and assistance before and during our trip is highly appreciated. 


That was my first time in Asia and now I am counting down the days till I go back in September and especially when I go back to Vietnam. 


After arriving back in the US, numerous amounts of people have approached us about our trip, They saw the pictures and videos that we shared and were amazed. I know multiple people planning trips to Asia because of us and YOU!


If you don't mind, I will tell them about Phu Bao. 


Once again, from all of the boys, Cam On Chi June! We will never forget this trip we went on. Can't wait to see you in September! Drinks on me.




Hanoi - MICE Building 2015



Dear Chuong,
I would like to represent for professor Jin-Hee Ahn to say thank you to you for a nice relaxing tour. Although there were some small problems happened but in total, your service was great for us. We had enough time to experience the life in Saigon and Phu Quoc and tried most of the special food in these places.
Especially, I would like to thank you for your dinner preparation in the boat on Saigon river. That was amazing when we had dinner on the boat.
Someday when we have chance to visit Vietnam again, we will contact your company through you.


WSB 2014 World Trip - Thailand & Singapore


WSB 2014 World Trip - Thailand & Singapore





  "Everybody was professional and willing to provide the best service"


          From: WSB 2014 World Trip - Thailand & Singapore

Satisfied: Kenny was exceptionally helpful and very knowledgeable with a good sense of humour. Everybody was professional and willing to provide the best service.

Guests most satisfied with: Knowledge, friendliness, professional skills.

Further expectation: I hope Xuan will use your group again in our future trips. I will really be pleased to see you again




 "It was awesome! Everything was covered with finesse!"


                        From: WSB 2014 World Trip - Thailand & Singapore

Guests most satisfied with: Knowledge, friendliness, professional skills.






                        From: WSB 2014 World Trip - Thailand & Singapore

Satisfied: Dream, Chon, Cheavy and Bussie gave extra ordinary service. Satisfied with the tourist guides and the arranged lunches. The tours were great too.

Guests most satisfied with: Knowledge, enthusiasm.

Experience with Phu Bao Tours: Good. Would have been excellent had our departure transportation was accommodated.







       From: WSB 2014 World Trip - Thailand & Singapore

Satisfied: Wonderful service. Don't need to change anything, keep up the good work. The hotels and food were great. We love the farewell dinner in Bangkok. Thank you!

Further expectation: Great job! Keep doing what you're doing right now. We love you. Hope to have Phu Bao Tours take care our of our next trip.




    "Your Staff are very knowledgeable"


       From: WSB 2014 World Trip - Thailand & Singapore

Satisfied: Your staff are very knowledgeable, friendly and very accommodating, especially Jack. He's quite funny. 

Guests most satisfied with: Congratulation and Khoob Koon Ka! Knowledge, friendliness, enthusiasm, professional skills, and very accommodating. Did things above and beyond their call of duty.

Further expectation: Give us umbrella next time!

Susan Davies

Everything went smoothly from the pick-up at the airport to the hotels and tours. Very well done!

Nilda Gaffud Stone

Hotel Hilton was very good/ New Otani Hotel in Tokyo was okay.
Everything were excellent except New Otani Hotel do not have help to bring our luggage to hotel lobby. I believe the Hotel should have anticipated that service is very important because everybody went shopping. Everybody needed assistance with the luggages. The hotel Hilton Hotel in Osaka with excellent service. The New Otani Hotel in Tokyo failed to fix the room toilet where we stayed. The toilet seat did not function on the 3rd day even when we notified the housekeeping staff. They tried to fix but did not fix the problem.

Carmelita Asuncion Bush-Turner

I was dissatisfied with Hilton, Tokyo, because they give us a king bed, instead of two single beds. I requested a roll over bed at the check in counter, but the Hilton people were un able to give me one or change room with a two single bed. My grandaughter sleeps in the floor because, she can not sleep with somebody beside her.
We like Osaka Imperial Hotel better, and their daily amenities.Keep up the good work!